Thank You All

Thank you all who gave us feedback – thanks for what we have done, thoughts on what we might do and advice on what we need to be doing. This has informed the next phase of our progression. You like our public promotion of adventure, our challenge of the over-safe and our continuing push-back of […]

Have we made a difference?

 Have we made a difference? What else should we be doing? We would like to know. This BBC news story from 2010 gave some insight into where we were just seven years ago. We at Campaign for Adventure would like to know if you think anything has changed, if it has changed enough and […]

Its not just YES! Its NCS-YES!

Its not just YES!  Its NCS-YES!  The House of Commons had its most inclusive and positive debate in some years yesterday as they debated and amplified the all party support for the National Citizen Service – NCS. The debate aimed to confirm the NCS as a fully chartered institution, raising it from its current trust […]

British Team First

UK Army Reserve team will be the first ever British team to do a full, unsupported Antarctic crossing, something only six people have ever managed. The SPEAR17 expedition has now reached its zenith and is moving down again to the Ross Ice Shelf. Although right now forced to dig in due to -40 temps and […]

Ofsted loves managed danger

 The guardian reports that teaching about dangers builds confidence, character and the ability to feel safe Should schools be more willing to embrace danger to give students confidence? One headteacher explains why he thinks so  – full story see    

2017 Review

Campaign for Adventure(CfA) relentlessly supports adventure, healthy risk-taking and all activities which lead individuals, communities and organisations into their potential and evolution. Such progressions are supported in education, the arts, sport, justice, politics, commerce, civil society, individual and community self-realisation. Through this broad-spectrum support no aspect of society’s progression and evolution is untouched. In 2006 […]

Scouts & Guides – Character & Courage confirmed in study

BBC – Scotland:Character, courage, resilance – Adventure in Childhood has it all! People who were in the scouts or guides in childhood have better mental health in later life, a study suggests. Analysis of a study of 10,000 people found ex-members were 15% less likely than other adults to suffer anxiety or mood disorders at […]

Natural Turning Point

Vitamin N [Nature]- a high value educational nutrient according to government blog on Outdoor Learning "There’s a real buzz around getting kids into the outdoors at the moment – outdoor learning, outdoor play, outdoor education, wild time, whatever you want to call it, everyone’s talking about how important it is to get our children outdoors." […]

Learn better outdoors

Outdoor learning 'boosts children's development' By Mark Kinver Environment reporter, BBC News Outdoor learning can have a positive impact on children's development but it needs to be formally adopted, a report suggests.   Childhoods were dramatically changing, with fewer opportunities to spend time outdoors, researchers observed. The loss of exposure to the natural environment would […]

BAME Children missing natural world experiences

More than one in nine children in England have not set foot in a park, forest, beach or any other natural environment for at least 12 months, according to a two-year study funded by the government. Reporting in the Guardian, children from low-income families and black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) households are markedly less […]