Its not just YES!  Its NCS-YES!  The House of Commons had its most inclusive and positive debate in some years yesterday as they debated and amplified the all party support for the National Citizen Service – NCS.

The debate aimed to confirm the NCS as a fully chartered institution, raising it from its current trust status. This bill, in this its second commons reading, brought together all members of the house in support of the NCS which has seen 100 thousand of our young people become NCS graduates by undertaking residential adventure and confidence training, community volunteering and personal development all of which are celebrated through a public graduation ceremony.

The messages from MPs, many of whom have contributed, participated in and helped develop the NCS, were all so positive it is hard to see why this house could ever be in disagreement. David Cameron has accepted a key role in supporting this incredible project – a project developed through his premiership and which intends to write to every 16-17 yr old asking them to participate. It expects to extend the number of graduates to 300,000 by 2020.

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