You really love them, so let them go – to a great Residential Summer Camp

Positive News Outdoor Learning 2020 You really love them, so let them go – to a great Residential Summer Camp. There is nothing more alivening than one’s first opportunity to join with new friends, in a new venue, with new activities, 24/7. Do you recall your first time? Did you even get the opportunity? In […]

“The Unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry”

“The further you travel from what you know, the closer you’ll be to an understanding of yourself.” Rachel Joyce – The Unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry’. The film, from the book of the same name by Rachel Joyce, follows a thoughtful story on an unlikely 600 walk up the centre of Britain. It covers mind, […]

OAW2020 – Outdoor Adventure Week 2020…

So many things are happening as we move towards Spring,(we hope not through an extreme winter, although adventure depends on this) it only remains to mention OAW2020 – a chance to link with all adventurers in the UK, raising awareness of the adventurous opportunities available this year. Tell us about your planned adventure between the […]

Your Outdoor Adventure Week, 2020 seems a tragedy….

Your Outdoor Adventure Week, 2020 seems a tragedy, but many are making the most of it – many, many more than usual. So we have hit National BBQ Week with a full-on thrust towards getting outside in gardens, parks and streets. The confusion over local requests for ‘Please do not come to our beaches’ is […]

Life is fraught with danger.

 Life is fraught with danger. School playgrounds should be too The primary school encouraging children to play with saws and bricks deserves applause – shielding kids from risk helps no one   Risk is a part of life, and schools are very much in the business of preparing children for life – not just as […]

Campaign for Adventure moves forward..

Recent progressions for CfA – but a huge gap still exists… The intention of Campaign for Adventure to ensure a balanced attitude to risk and adventure continues. The CfA lobby towards a more adventurous approach to life – ensuring that, from an early age, management of risks and the benefits of new experiences are properly embedded […]

BBC Newsnight – Lost Words = Lost Childhood

In BBC Newsnight Robert Macfarlane explains lost words and childhood because children do not spend enough time outdoors. Through 'Everyone dies, but not everyone really lives' we are introduced to the difference between average life and amazing life. Two questions here are: (a.) What might be amazing in a life?  and (b.) What will […]

Update: Adventure Professionals again on the agenda

 UPDATE: At their meeting on 7th December, 2017, HSE agreed to further investigate the feeling for change to the AALA delivery structure. Between now and Spring, 2018 there will be a series of opportunities for feedback to HSE on what might best deliver the right balance of opportunity, breadth, quality and cost when reassuring stakeholders […]

Amanda Spielman – Telegraph

Children denied chance to develop 'resilience and grit' by too strict health and safety rules, warns Ofsted chief – from The Telegraph – Ms Spielman, who took over as chief inspector in March, said children must stop being forced to wear hi-vis jackets on school trips “like troupes of mini-construction workers minus the hard hats”. […]