Your Outdoor Adventure Week, 2020 seems a tragedy, but many are making the most of it – many, many more than usual.

So we have hit National BBQ Week with a full-on thrust towards getting outside in gardens, parks and streets. The confusion over local requests for ‘Please do not come to our beaches’ is mixed and we hope common sense becomes as common as it needs to be during this careful and staying safe phase.

So many more are now walking, biking and just being outside. Perhaps the parameters of adventure are now more in the checking of the skies where proper skies now exist. Note the difference between jet-trail skies and real ones. The cirrus, fine-weather cumulus, and pain blue sky is new to most of us and it shall be gone in a very few weeks as our planes particulate our skies again.

Now we have no Summer Camps, school Outings or, at the moment, any overnight adventures, except, of course, sleeping in our gardens and on our (flat-) roofs, whether with a tent or simply and much better, with bedding on a waterproof sheet with the whole universe on view. still has its free book of 50 lock-down activities on line, with a total of 120 available in a printable version. Great for parties, too.

So, keep doing something different and doing things differently – we have Coronavirus to blame/thank or just add to our supply of inspiring possibilities. Enjoy OAW2020.