Campaign for Adventure(CfA) relentlessly supports adventure, healthy risk-taking and all activities which lead individuals, communities and organisations into their potential and evolution. Such progressions are supported in education, the arts, sport, justice, politics, commerce, civil society, individual and community self-realisation. Through this broad-spectrum support no aspect of society’s progression and evolution is untouched. In 2006 and 2015 CfA worked through and with the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Adventure, supporting UK law change to better reflect court and legislative support for the many good intentions and acts of volunteering, civil action and support for our benevolent, self-responsible and blame-free society. The Compensation Act 2006 and the SARaH Act 2015 resulted. In 2012 CfA worked with the Confederation of British Industry(CBI) to better understand the place of resilience, courage and healthy risk-taking in the success of commerce and new recruits – and it duly advised the government on a new curriculum focusing on these personal skill areas. In 2016 substantial research was been undertaken or completed into the beneficial effects of healthy risk-taking in youth, sports, leisure community work, out-of-classroom activities, the arts and personal & leadership development, and the promotion of the findings supported through media communication and PR. The National Citizenship Service(NCS) has been a dramatic success, as have public perceptions of the importance of other volunteering for our better society. CfA considers all volunteering to be healthy risk-taking and all well-intended initiative-taking likewise, paid or not. The Summer Camps Trust, as with the NCS, is now set up and well supported – helping bring together groups of diverse individuals often in self-programming residential settings for personal betterment through healthy risk-taking and confidence-building activities and actions. 2017 will see us continue our support, freeing up red-tape, supporting free paths to actions, lobbying against blocks to well intended efforts and creating new understanding about how pessimistic mind-sets reduce access to human potential whether individually and on to a global scale. We welcome stories of positive news and of personal good intention, successful or not, since it is the relentless taking of the healthy risks which continues to help humanity continue unhindered towards its (our) true potential.