Thank you all

who gave us feedback – thanks for what we have done, thoughts on what we might do and advice on what we need to be doing. This has informed the next phase of our progression.

You like our public promotion of adventure, our challenge of the over-safe and our continuing push-back of legislation. The events we run – the Outdoor Adventure Weeks, the Outdoor Champions Award and the Press and Publicity Training are all well appreciated and you want more of these. Work in the more intense arenas such as Westminster, Insurance and Industry/HSE leaves you cold, but is appreciated as important. When we ran conferences – 'A Question of Balance', 'Why Adventure?' and so on, you thought these were really valuable and you are not happy that we stopped.

Our future you see in more of the same , with at least a single large conference, more articles, more publicity and some further links to outdoor adventure magazines.

OK – so an ask from us.  Anyone offering to help? We will continue delivering and we shall up those areas you have asked for, We shall particularly push for a high-level conference, probably in collaboration and certainly UK.

A very big thank you to all, again.

Ian Lewis

Campaign Director