Young Speakers – New for our better World

Adventure is where you find it, this we have known for a long time.  Who and what you are defines what you find adventurous. Campaign for Adventure stands for all adventure – its founding document states 'life is best lived through a spirit of adventure'.  We particularly liked 'Young Speakers' as an initiative.  Thanks to for its work. Here is their press notice:

  Meet our newest, secret weapon. Young Speakers. Coming soon. To a school near you.

At undisclosed rural and urban locations 200 exceptional young people came together with one common aim. To change the world. Or lose their voice trying…

Over an intensive weekend they trained up on their facts, stats and world-changing delivery. They learnt how to captivate an audience, deal with hecklers and orienteer at midnight over the dales. In the process they made lifelong friends, got rope burns and found their voice.

And now they have been unleashed on the world at large.

The first wave of Young Speakers are currently spreading the word. Doing presentations in their own colleges, going to local primary schools and community groups and reminding relatives and friends of the power of their small, everyday actions. One group is developing an interactive play about taking small actions to change the world (touring schools and youth groups in South London from September) others are viral, virtual activists, corralling communities online on My Space and Facebook. Together they are changing the world (one person at a time.)

We would like to introduce them. For you to get to know them and to champion them from the sidelines. Come and visit us at . Find out who they are, what they care about, who they have spoken to and how many lives they have touched.

In the meantime here are some snippets from our speakers.

(Watch out world.)

“Two training sessions. I didn't think it would be enough to build up my confidence for public speaking. But learning together in an atmosphere where everyone is receiving positive, critical feedback enhanced my ability to speak with motivation. I have already spoken to around 580 pupils and I have 2 other presentations next week so a further 700 children will hear the message of We are What We Do.” Charmaine Belvin, 16, St Angela’s

“Being a young speaker gives me the chance to make a difference. I firmly believe that this world needs to change, although I’m not so sure that adults lecturing children about not charging their phones or picking up litter will make much, if any, difference at all.”
John Smith, All Hallows College, Macclesfield

“Personally, I can't describe the sense of pride I feel being able to class myself as a Young Speaker. I can see this being the start of something amazing and life changing not only for me, but the world. To me, being a Young Speaker means everything at the moment because it is the one thing I can really focus on to make my existence worthwhile. The scheme makes me feel counted and as though I can do anything. I know if by being a Young Speaker, I affect just one person, it will really make a difference. 'We Are What We Do' really gives me hope that I can, and will, achieve my ambitions of improving people's life and the society we live in.” Sarah Varey, Darwen Academy, Darwen