Find a Mission:Explore at Waterstone’s!


102 missions that challenge kids to (re)discover our world. Kids of
any age can become guerrilla explorers and extreme missioners with missions that defy
gravity, see the invisible and test mental agility.

"very witty, well-written and full of original ideas to get children over 10 yrs of age out exploring." Juliet Robertson, Creative STAR

Find a Mission:Explore at Waterstone's! Turn the sheep green in 7 days!

Our first flock of wild copies of Mission:Explore have been set loose into Waterstone's stores across the UK… the truth is that they need loving homes.

Please do go out and rescue of copy of Mission:Explore as soon as you can. That way you or someone you know get get exploring ASAP!

Let know which store you found your copy and we will turn the sheep green!

Orange = Mission:Explore lost here
Green = Mission:Explore found here

Can we turn all the sheep green in just 7 days?

Ian Lewis thanks The Geography Collective  for the opportunity to promote this adventuring resource.