Prince Philip continues his support for Campaign for Adventure

Prince Philip continued his support for Campaign for Adventure by allowing the use of St George's House, Windsor Castle, for a review of the campaign's progress and objectives following recent successes.

The group strongly felt that very little joined up thinking goes on and that the true value of experience is not being recognised. The group confirmed, with both very sad and very expensive examples, how many situations still arise where common sense is absent and stupidity is allowed. In particular, the tendency for management to over-play the tick-box and safety-system cards to the great cost industry, society and education. The issues of the need for more trust and integrity in society and removing blocks to creativity and enterprise were moved up in the campaign's agenda. The cost to individuals, society and to humanity of avoiding a balanced attitude to risk – where the positive so often outweighs the negative – is being overlooked. Any picture of humanity thriving, thoroughly exploiting all opportunities, attributes and possibilities available is being denied by a culture of fear, excessive caution and reduced awareness and support for creative and decisive action with less red tape. These go on to inhibit enterprise, innovation, initiative, judgement, imagination, achievement and fulfilment, both personal and for humanity.

Accepting these wider issues, achievable objectives were confirmed for the next two years whilst not ignoring possible opportunities and collaborations appearing. The group agreed a series of new actions, building on the work of the All Party Parliamentary Group 'ARISc', St George's House for a two year Youth & Adventure 'Theme', the RSA Risk Commission and the Manifesto Club in its role of raising trust in society, particularly with the potentially damaging Safeguarding of Vulnerable Groups Act which flies in the face of attempts to raise volunteers above their fear of being sued.

Participants included: Julian Brazier, TD MP, Co-Chair of the All Party Group on Risk; Professor John Adams, Professor of Risk at University College, London; Tim Gill, RSA speaker on Childhood and Risk; Josie Appleton, Chair, Manifesto Club; Aga Borjarska, UNESCO Youth Values representative; Doctor Bertie Everard, Campaign Management Group; Tony Thomas, Outdoor Council; Ian Lewis, Coordinator, Campaign for Adventure & Clerk to the All Party Parliamentary Group ‘ARISc’