"People who seek to do good in our society should not fear litigation as a result of their actions." – Lord Young

Full Lord Young Report: http://www.number10.gov.uk/news/latest-news/2010/10/lord-young-report-55605

Report warns that a "particularly pernicious" climate of fear has developed in which well-meaning members of the public are put off from organizing voluntary activities for fear of being sued if an accident happens.

Included are our teachers, police, sports coaches and instructors, community helpers, volunteers – including scout and guide leaders, community event organizers and even our friends, neighbours and relatives.

Asking for action, he says “The Government should be ready to legislate to clarify the law to spell out that people have no liability in such cases unless negligence can be proved.”

Lord Young will speak at a ‘thought leadership event’ as his report is published, with the aim of discussing the Litigation Culture.  The invited audience will debate the findings of Lord Young.

Submitted by Ian F. Lewis FRSA Campaign Director