Outdoor Adventure Week 2011 is launched with National Windsurfing Week and BBC Things To Do campaign.  <http://www.nationalwindsurfingweek.org/ >

From the 1st to the 8th of May, 2011 Outdoor Adventure Week celebrates again. All action events, activities and experiences for the UK.  Participants and providers include adventure sports clubs, youth organisations, schools, colleges and hundreds of local adventure providers and active local communities and of course thousands of adventurers.  

BBC call  their new national activity offering 'Things To Do' (TTD).  It is ‘multi-platform’ using its local and regional radio and TV links, the wonderful award-winning BBC web site all helped by programmes such as Countryfile, Blue Peter, Sport, Total Wipeout and Country Tracks. 

Promotion of the events is not restricted to the BBC and other promoters are joining in the opportunity, including newspapers, activity magazines and web social media Twitter and U-Tube. Personalities supporting the campaign include Gever Tulley, author of ‘Fifty Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do’,  Ray Mears, and Julian Bradbury.

Anyone and everyone is welcome – just get involved and enjoy the ride! Campaign for Adventure has created this for you!

Sean Kirkegaard, Development Executive, BBC Learning Campaigns stated:  “Recent research carried out by the BBC found people had a real desire for more adventure in their lives.  It’s my avowed hope that the ThrillSeeker campaign helps people fulfil that desire by offering a wide range of free or reduced price adventures for all.”  BBC Learning deliver campaigns that aim to inspire and empower individuals.

Ian Lewis, Coordinator of the Campaign for Adventure, and organiser of ‘Outdoor Adventure Week 2011’ commented “Our Adventurous Britain can stride out and properly enjoy itself. It has been a real pleasure to work with BBC Learning and all the partners in creating this huge opportunity available to everyone. New challenges are being offered and are available every day through local groups, schools and sports clubs.”

So come on, get yourself out there!  For more information call local rate 0845 345 7423 or email ian@lifecollege.org

Ian Lewis