Trust in our society….:

Through 2008 we shall be looking at the place of trust in our society, particularly the damage done through a lack of trust – in our parent, in adults, in teachers and youth workers and in organisations, large and small.

The campaign's agenda states:

2.2.4 To reinforce the key principle that the great majority of people are well intentioned, reliable and trustworthy; and to recognise that those who make misjudgements should not necessarily be blamed.

However, not everyone is well intentioned, reliable and trustworthy and it is a change in overall trustworthiness and a balancing of attitudes that we seek here, too. The ideal, that we can trust everyone because everyone is trustworthy, is a little way off – there is realism, too. A balance point might be that, with sensible actions, we benefit more from trusting others than we lose. Of course, trusting others and ourselves, is an adventure, too.

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