The Character and Resilience Manifesto” – from Chris Paterson, Claire Tyler, and Jen Lexmond with The all-party parliamentary group on Social Mobility, 'CentreForum' and 'Character Counts'

Following the spectacular endorsement by the CBI membership of a new agenda for education which focuses on experience (see article) , we now have further efforts waking up adventure and healthy risk-taking in this excellent work which will help embed “research highlighting how character traits and resilience are directly linked to being able to do well both at school and in the workplace.”.

The manifesto, in 18 policy recommendations, says schools should make it part of their core business to nurture pupils' self-belief, perseverance and ability to bounce back from set-backs. It is supported by the CBI, senior politicians, and the government's social mobility adviser.

Further, “building resilience to setbacks and developing an increased sense of control over their lives had led to improved literacy and numeracy results.”, (see the article on the work of Gareth Malone ) . The manifesto calls for a ‘national conversation’ about the role that developing Character and Resilience can play in narrowing the unacceptably wide gap in life chances.

This manifesto urges “all political parties to think about these issues seriously and set out their own policy response in their election manifestos. The life chances of current and future generations of children, young people and adults are at stake. They deserve the very best that the country can offer and our unstinting support.”.

Further information see and for the full manifesto go to: