A little bit of history: How the Compensation Bill emerged…..

Julian Brazier’s Bill to assist volunteering will be presented to the House of Commons on Tuesday 6th January. There will be a short press conference at 10.30am in Room W1, immediately before Julian presents the Bill to Parliament.

The Bill has the support of the Central Council for Physical Recreation, CCPR, (the co-ordinating body for sports associations such as the FA, RFA etc.) and the Campaign for Adventure (which brings together YHA, YMCA and other outward bound activities).

Its sponsors include Iain Duncan-Smith, Chris Smith, Gwyneth Dunwoody, Bruce George, Charles Hendry, Jimmy Hood, Nick Hawkins, Tim Boswell and Lyndsay Hoyle and John Burnett.

The aim of the Bill will be twofold: first to roll back the tide of red tape which besieges voluntary organisations and second to reduce the risk of unreasonable litigation against those who seek to bring adventure, sport and a whole range of other benefits to their fellow citizens.

In a recent joint press release with Sport England, CCPR listed these as the two greatest barriers to volunteering. Julian commented: “If we wish to roll back the tide of obesity and wider problems of isolation and loneliness, we need more volunteers. Yet organisations from the Girl Guides to the Special Constabulary are losing volunteers year after year” 6 January 2004