Campaign for Adventure is a strong supporter of the Big Society initiative.  Whilst planning a CfA session 24 points of potential were set into a Big Society Vision Plan.  We now offer these as ideas for improvement. Tell us what you think…


We all know we only come to know ourselves when we push limits.  Failure tends to be about not reaching potential rather than opportunities not being found/sought/offered. These 24 points came from discussions on the statement 'If we are to create an enterprising society of creative individuals, the learning process itself must be adventurous.'.  Tell us what you think about the educational and societal implications and opportunities related to these statements….

  1. More people getting closer to achieving their potential

  2. Everyone knows their future is in their own hands

  3. Every young person has experience of Adventure & Enterprise.

  4. When people go travelling they don’t get the guidebook out

  5. Increase in trespass in the countryside [eco-conscious pioneering].

  6. Decrease in TV/Video/computer games

  7. National survey shows a belief in doing adventurous things

  8. People do something new every day

  9. UK is in the top 3 of adventurous societies [Adventure Olympics?]

  10. Index of adventure – use existing statistics – is created and monitored

  11. Young offenders’ institutes close – no need to commit crime to get a thrill, or status

  12. Groups writing their own prescriptions for adventure

  13. A groundswell of popular opinion exists that balances the culture of fear

  14. No adverts re suing people

  15. Hospital occupancy drops by 50% – due to greater health, judgement & responsibility.

  16. Councils stop identifying risks that don’t exist/start balancing risks

  17. Increase in unsupervised use of playgrounds

  18. More children walking to school by themselves

  19. Regular power-cuts enthuse real creativity in the home and are no problem

  20. More start-up businesses, particularly more staying alive beyond 3 yrs

  21. Re-introduction of wolves into remote parts of UK – the positive side is seen

  22. Communities [not councils/quangos] feel in control of their local economy

  23. Peoples’ lives are more adventurous overall, with higher self esteem evident

  24. Old people are more adventurous – life into years puts years onto life.