2007 – Conservative Party Viewpoint – David Willett

Giving children back their childhood

Giving children back their childhood

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[Coming shortly – the Childhood Regained report in full]
David Willetts announced plans to end the compensation culture and “give children back their childhood” in a speech on Monday afternoon.

David was commissioned to conduct an inquiry into childhood by David Cameron, and he proposed a series of legal changes to allow children to take part in exciting, outdoor activities.

“We have a problem with fear of litigation; the real damage done by the ‘compensation culture’. We have all heard about schools which have banned conkers unless children wear safety goggles. The school which banned daisy-chains because they are unhygienic. The council which banned backstroke in its swimming pool to avoid collisions. But there is a right to childhood. Children should be able to enjoy a world of conkers, yo-yos and snowballs.”