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Parliamentary group to review compensation PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 February 2009
Parliamentary group to review compensation

Westminster - All party group on Adventure and Risk, will receive an update on the place of compensation in UK courts. The address will be provided by Roy Amlot, QC and supported by the Campaign for Adventure.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday 11th February, in Westminster Palace with Co-Chairs of the 'ARISc' group, Julian Brazier MP, Rt Hon Frank Dobson MP, Lembit Optik MP and other members of the All Party Group on Adventure and Recreation in Society. The ice and snow of the last few days has led to the usual run of accidents and injuries. Many activities have been canceled and yet much fun has been had. It is just this choice, the balance between risks going ahead and risks being avoided which underpin the essence of healthy choice in the UK.

Since the Compensation Bill was enacted in 2006, there have been a number of compensation cases which have allowed the essence of the act to be tested. Courts have had to make their mark on the correct balance between risk of benefit and risk of injury or loss.

Many have much to gain or lose in this discussion, not least those concerned with play, sport, community and education, but also insurance, health, hospitals, parenting and local government. Indeed, in some part, UK society at large can be included, most from a number of viewpoints.

Further information on the meeting can be obtained form the campaign office on 0845 345 7423 or by email from
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