Unlocking: Are you ready?
Friday, 27 November 2020

Unlocking - are you ready?

 Join with everyone in being ready to move forwards as we, if all goes well with the anti-virals, progress towards our longed-for freedom.

 As Campaign for Adventure we would not be whom we are if we did not empower adventurous thought with the mind-body-spirit of living adventurously.

 It is well known that survival involves living through planning and acting long-term even when hoping for early freedom/rescue. Not being fit enough, not saving, not rationing, not building shelters, not sharing, preparing, not learning and not experimenting are all good examples of living short-term with every chance of missing opportunities when they come along. 

So, in line with our sponsors and supporters, follow their lessons and wisdoms today and be ready!  The future is always writ-large and in the first lines of an adventurous life...try these:



 But be careful - too soon and you will cause another lock-down!