Freedom is Adventure
Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Adventure is freedom in at least two ways,....

Firstly,  that to be adventurous one must be free to choose one's route to adventure (perhaps also one's destination - should the latter be important). Secondly, of course is the freedom to really be there - in the moment, at the place, doing what adventure wants done - through curiosity, performance, creativity, intellect. courage, wisdom, ethics, and so on - of course a mix is also often present.

Here we have BBC Radio 4 and Edinburgh Festival 2018 collaborating in Freedom. Five short programmes (in total an 68 minutes) on what freedom means in 2018 for ten writers and speakers. I have chosen to highlight Nichola Davies poem. 6 minutes to introduce her great friend of and for life: Freedom by Nichola Davies:

It is available on this link for 28 days from 26th August, 2018.

Ian Lewis