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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Press pages

Where it all Started - Summary Report - A Question of Balance

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Right Honorable Tony Blair, Prime Minister [from the letter received during the conference]: 'Everything we do in our everyday activity, in our work and leisure involves some element of risk. Risk is an inescapable part of our lives. The challenge for all of us, both within and outside Government is to manage risk in a way which gives us the necessary protection we need without constraining what we do beyond a level that is justified. I very much welcome your conference today as a vital contribution to this debate. I hope that you will enjoy what I am sure will be a very stimulating and productive'

Release Date: 10th March 2005 Embargo: Immediate, John Staples 0207-219-0032

Ö PIK   

Following a meeting yesterday evening, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on
Risk and Adventure in Society has agreed with Jane Kennedy MP, minister
responsible for health and safety at work, to investigate the state of outdoor
activities and the litigation culture which has been causing difficulties for
volunteers and professionals alike.  Lembit Öpik, MP for Montgomeryshire, and
Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, and co-Chair of the APPG, declared
himself extremely pleased with the result of the meeting. 

Mr. Öpik said: 'We had a terrifically positive meeting, and I?d like to praise Jane
Kennedy for the contribution she has made, both in the chamber and in private
meetings, to this debate.  The Minister has effectively opened the way to a solution
which benefits the Government, the outdoor industry and the public, through developing
wider volunteering and education possibilities. I am very optimistic about where we go
from here.'

Commenting Julian Brazier, Conservative MP for Canterbury and Whitstable, and
co-Chair of the APPG said: 'This is an exciting opportunity to make a difference for
activities involving hundreds of thousands of young people and children.'

Derek Wyatt, Labour MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey, and the third co-Chair of the
APPG, added: 'Our next steps are an inquiry, to be held in June, and to be opened by
Jane Kennedy, looking at the difficulties and opportunities for society in Risk and Ad
venture.  The Minister also promised a dialogue with the Health and Safety Commission
and across Government, which will further understanding of the issues at hand here.

'This truly is a landmark in resolving these difficult issues.  I think we'll find a way
though, on a cross party basis, and in close partnership with ministers.  This afternoon,
the future for the outdoors looks much brighter than it did this morning.'



Notes to Editors

If you require any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me, or Andrew
Williams in Julian Brazier's office (0207-219-2846.

John Staples Office of Lembit Opik MP Tel: 020 7219 0032020 7219 0032



The fight for volunteers in sport and recreation will continue - CCPR press release - 20 July 2004

Hansard record of Volunteering Bill 3rd reading - Private Member's Bill ran out of time, click for link to Hansard record 16 July 2004

Let's vote for the Guides to fry sausages again - article by Libby Purves - The Times July 13, 2004

New blitz on compensation culture -Boost for 'character-building' school trips as ministers warn parents who sue after mishaps - The Observer 30 May 2004

Weekly outings urged to help timid pupils - Guardian coverage of a report by influencial think-tank DEMOS - May 24 2004

The Grand Old Duke of Edinburgh has no patience with political correctness - Daily Mail - 15 May 2004

Campaign gets royal seal of approval - Times Educational Supplement 7 May 2004

Educationalists, Volunteers and Landowners should gain from Private Members Bill on Volunteering - Press release - House of Commons debate, 5 March 2004

Puttnam calls school trip fears 'barking' - The Guardian 3 February 2004

Brazier to launch Private Member's Bill - Press release 6 January 2004

Summary of Parliamentary Presentation - 2.12.03

Parliamentary Presentation - Press release 2nd December, 2003

The joy of living dangerously - Forget exams and league tables, writes Richard Dawkins. Real education, exemplified by a maverick headmaster almost 100 years ago, is about the power of knowledge and the thrill of discovery. Richard Dawkins Guardian Saturday July 6, 2002

People with high self-esteem may be more of a threat to society than those with a lower sense of self-worth Polly Toynbee Friday December 28, 2001 The Guardian

Prince Philip again calls for the right of young people to experience adventure - TES (26/10/01)

Press Article published in Young People Now (October, 2000) promoting the "Question of Balance" conference - After every crisis there are screams to make things safer, but at what cost to education?


Ian Lewis, Campaign Coordinator:

'A Question of Balance: Risk and Adventure in Society' was a one day conference for policy makers, practitioners and anyone concerned with society's attitude towards risk. Speakers included HRH Prince Philip, Libby Purves and Dr Frank Furedi. It was held on the 29th November, 2000 at the Royal Geographical Society, London. It was a first step on the long road to societal change and more healthy, responsibility-aware, individuality.

Speakers challenged the trend towards excessive caution, explored the positive benefits of sensible risk taking and brought a sense of realism to questions of risk and safety. The conference showed how important it is that young people have the opportunity to develop balanced attitudes to risk and highlighted the need to maintain challenge and adventure in a healthy society. Developments since the conference have included government intervention and reviews of current litigation law - particularly as it affects the public sector. The report is available from the campaign office for £10.00 and is well worth a read

For further information contact:
Ian Lewis


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