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Campaign for Adventure moves forward.. PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 08 March 2018

Recent progressions for CfA - but a huge gap still exists...

The intention of Campaign for Adventure to ensure a balanced attitude to risk and adventure continues. The CfA lobby towards a more adventurous approach to life – ensuring that, from an early age, management of risks and the benefits of new experiences are properly embedded in to life is growing well through our diverse partnership. Hence the media, after a rather biased start towards excessive safety, now report balanced stories.

More active than ever is our health lobby. Both the living longer and the living well lobbies have followed the – now extensive – research which shows huge benefits from adventurous lifestyles. People whom gain regular exercise (around 40 minutes, three times a week) will extend their lives and be less unhealthy, too – with the real plus of more stable emotions, extended intellectual capacities and stronger social connections.

The simple practice of doing new things makes a difference to emotional, intellectual and physical well-being, although the direct links are still being investigated. The special danger of habitual actions constraining new experiences particularly cause a problem. The body becomes embedded in total safety with little exploration, challenge or maintenance of the body or minds’ ability to do greater things. Some would also say the soul needs challenges, too – it is adventures of the spirit that add depth and meaning to our lives.

Over the years CfA have created partnership blogs together with a number of special partners whom offer experiences which are guided introductions to higher levels of adventuring for all ages. To help connection we have included links to these on our supporters’ links and welcome others whom wish to support us to join with these. A few follow below. 

Campaign for Adventure is very clear that there is a long way to go to ensure the right balance is achieved between risk & safety and achievement & opportunity.

Some special places to look for future fun, health, happiness and friendship: GoApe Outward Bound Brathay Trust

And do tell others throuigh our social media button. Thank you!


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