Thursday, 27 February 2014

Get your MP [find your MP: to support this 'APPG' 'A RISc'. 

All Party Parliamentary Groups help create awareness of issues and support informed debate in Westminster.  They are quite fluid and vary tremedously.  'A RISc' has a keen group of Vice-Chairs (Julian Brazier [Cons], previously Lembit Opik (- Lib. Dem. MP to be confirmed), and Frank Dobson[Labour]). Together with a great membership  of both houses they have created strong understanding and support throughout Westminster.

It was the huge effort supporting Julian Brazier's Private Member's Bill on Volunteering, which went to three Committees and created substancially broader understanding of the wider issues and the loss caused to society through risk-averse behaviour and fear of litigation. From this we now have the Compensation Act, 2006.

This APPG is concerned with adventure sports, learning through adventure, and adventure -based youthwork.  Typically it meets five times per year to listen to speakers, advance debate and review issues and uses opportunities at other times to meet with ministers and other parliamentarians to raise awareness and curry support for actions and create amendments to legislation and reports through very specific targeting of risk-related issues.

Ian Lewis is the Clerk to this All Party Parliamentary Group. He can be contacted on 0845 345 74230845 345 7423 and via