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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Free Summer Camps? Certainly free training to work in Summer Camps!

The call from Education Minister, Damian Hinds, to reinvigorate adventure through tree-climbing in schools (see previous article) reminding many of us of the basic need to help feed the adventurous spirit which is in every one of us - from birth. It remains a right of passage to being fully human throughout our lives. 

Damian made clear the need for 'Getting Out There', our need for active lifestyles, freedom, confidence and the constant reminder that, unless regularly done, our innate spirit of adventure will become dormant, leaving bereft of creativity, inspiration and the energy to enjoy our fully functioning selves. This series of articles will centre on past traditions which have helped sustain and even further nurture this great gift. 

Around the UK are yet another reminder of our heritage. Built in the late 1930's and many still used, are over a hundred permanent summer camps. The Summer Camps Act, 1938 directed every county in the UK to build one.