Campaign for Adventure
Thursday, 27 February 2014

The pros and cons of a single issue group. It was proposed at the final plenary session of the meeting at St Georges House that an organisation be set up to run a single issue campaign on the theme of "living more adventurously". The strength of a single issue group is that it has one message, and is able to communicate it effectively. It is able to work in partnership with many groups that share the belief in the campaign.

The weakness of a single issue group is that it is difficult to have a textured message. Most people at the consultation would like to change the world in many ways, and perhaps to root a campaign for living more adventurously in a set of values which are holistic and humane. Whilst this can be done to some extent, a single issue group cannot easily move from its home territory.

Whether a single issue group is the right tool for the job is a key question. The discussion at the final session of the consultation seemed to suggest that the group believed it is the right model for this particular issue.