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The Campaign seeks to show that life is best approached in a spirit of exploration, adventure and enterprise; to influence and better inform attitudes towards risk; to build wider recognition that chance, unforeseen circumstances and uncertainty are inescapable features of life and that absolute safety is unachievable; and to demonstrate that sensible education and preparation enable an appropriate balance to be achieved between risk & safety and achievement & opportunity.

SARaH Bill - Latest
Thursday, 04 December 2014

The Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill entered committee stage, line by line scrutiny, in the Lords on Tuesday 18 November.

Lord Faulks on the aim of the bill: 'to provide valuable reassurance to those who act responsibly in the course of an activity, heroically or more generally for the benefit of society.'

Read the latest on the SARAH Heroes Bill from Westminster with links to Hansard -

Campaign for Adventure strongly and actively supports this bill and ask that you do too.  Call/message YOUR MP now and ask them to actively support this vital bill right now.

Andy Kirkpatrick - BBC Four Thought - Adventure
Monday, 17 November 2014

Andy Kirkpatrick- acclaimed mountaineer, author and stand-up - challenges us to let our children be exposed to greater risk.

Andy argues that we shouldn't be wrapping up children in cotton wool, that children will naturally seek out risky, challenging, scary experiences and that by over protecting them we might just be encouraging them to seek out much more dangerous situations. Using a terrifying mountain climb he did with his young daughter as an example, Andy argues that if we're brave enough to allow our children to experienced managed risk they'll enter adulthood better prepared for life's challenges.

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 Our Cotton Wool Kids -

The Overprotected Kid

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